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Mrs. Alexandra Klamt from Burgdorf:

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I would like to give you some feedback on your Trichogramma insects:
I moved a few months ago and did not realize that I had some secret tenants.
At first I didn't notice anything until they became more and more: moths.

After many futile attempts to ward them off through cleaning, moth traps, moth papers and a disappointing conversation with a pest control company ("poison does not mean that the moths will disappear"), I searched the internet to find a solution. That's when I came across a report about your company.

My first thought was: I order the insects that are virtually invisible paying by credit card. Then I thought again of the moths which were waiting for me and decided to dial your number.

The lady who answered the phone was competent and very friendly. I was happy to find the Trichogramma insects 2 days later in my mailbox. Full of awe, I carefully opened the letter and placed my new friends in our kitchen. The subsequent shipments of Trichogramma insects arrived on time. After the second delivery the moths became obviously fewer and fewer. My friend and I both were relieved. We have peace ever since.

To be sure, I left the moth paper and moth traps in place.

I thank you for this great business idea. It is not only effective but eradicates the moths in a natural way. I can only recommend you to others and wish you all the best!

Please feel free to publish parts of this e-mail and use it as a reference!

With best regards from Burgdorf,

Alexandra Klamt

Angelika Neumann:

Dated: Sun, January 30, 2011 17:39:07 +0100
Subject: Many thanks

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I want to thank you very much through this e-mail.
Thanks to your anti-moth product I'm finally relieved from these pests.
Removing, discarding and cleaning everything with vinegar did not help.
The moths always came back.

Already after the 2nd delivery, I did not see any more moths and am already living happily for almost half a year without my uninvited occupants :-)

I wish you all the best,
Thanks again.

Best regards,
Angelika Neumann

Mrs G. from M.

Dear Ms. Baehr and dear employees of your company,

I have received your three Trichogramma shipments and am very impressed by the natural eradication of the food moths. The little pests were taken care of in no time.

I like to thank you for the perfect co-operation and will remain a customer who recommends you to others.
Beate G.

Mrs. S. from H.


I would like to inform you about the 100 per cent success in the fight against food moths with the parasitic wasps.
After trying to get rid of them for 9 months I decided to use the biological control method. Initially I was not fond of the idea of having new insects, but after the second delivery I saw no more moths. Should the moths become a problem again, I will know what to do.

With kind regards, H. P.

Mr L. from P.:

The product was very effective! The moths have disappeared completely.

Mr. J. from E.:

Yes, I have managed to get rid of the moths
I've found two infestation sites, which I have now eradicated.

Mrs. C. of G.:

Your product is not actually cheap but effective.

Mrs. M. from B.-R.:

Yes, I was able to get rid of the moths, I still do not know what kind of moth it was.

But now they are all gone.

With kind regards,

Mrs C from H.

It was really a great relief that your product had such a positive effect, even tough I had to wait until the final delivery before the moths disappeared completely. With each shipment of the cards they became less.
I got finally rid of the problem which originated from a package of breadcrumbs. This was not funny at all and caused me a lot of stress.
I advise everyone, to store dry food not in their packages, but in tightly sealed TUPPERWARE containers! That's how I do it.

The little beasts lay their eggs very well hidden and invisible, especially in the uneven surface of the ceiling. That's what they did in my home!

Many thanks and feel free to publish my comments.

With best wishes and thanks to your efficient researchers.

Mrs M.-N. from H.

I'm sorry I did not respond earlier ... I wanted to do it sooner, but I did not have the time ...
I also did not want to comment prematurely (I'm still "traumatized" and I am still watching everything carefully ...) but I think I got rid of the food moths. The treatment with the Trichogramma insects is really very effective; I am very satisfied and got convinced that this is the only way to control the food moths. And the "poor Trichogramma insects" end up as dust when they cannot find anymore food, but they work really well until the end! ...

I wonder if some moth larvae hibernate during the winter and develop again when it gets warmer?

I even wanted to renovate my whole kitchen, but I cannot afford that.

In any case, on the smallest sign of new moths I'll contact you immediately again. I hope this will not be necessary. I often meet people who have the same problem (on the internet there were many), of course, I give them your contact address.

Thank you again for your valuable help.

Mr. R. from V.:

Yes, very good, an excellent product, I have not a single moth left.

Mrs C. from D.

Completely satisfied with your product.

Excellent results.

Mr P from D.

So far I am satisfied with your product. I hope that all larvae have been eliminated. I'll see in the summer if it was effective.

Mr. P. from A.


Mr. F. from V:


Yes, it was effective. Until now, no more moths, thank you.

Mrs. H from S.:

We are very satisfied with the moth-stop. Not a single moth to be seen.
I hope it stays that way. Otherwise, we will come back to you.

Many kind and sunny regards from Schwetzingen

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