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Instructions for using Trichogramma insects against clothes moths

  • The cards with the Trichogramma insects (against clothes moths) must be used immediately on arrival.
  • Do not use disinfectants, insecticides or a cleaner shortly before or at the same time - that would kill the Trichogramma insects. Neither use fragrance oils or similar chemicals.
For best results the cards with the Trichogramma insects will be sent to you directly from our factory.
  • The cards must be placed inside the wardrobe shelves, i.e. on a stack of pullovers or over clothes hangers, or on the affected carpets. Especially treat clothes that consist of wool, materials like felt, cashmere, lambs wool and real fur. Don´t forget furniture and ceiling panels made of "animal hairs" and decorations made of feathers.
The Trichogramma insects in the cards are only effective if the cards are placed in the vicinity of clothes and textiles. That is where the moths will lay their eggs. Normally use one card for one shelve of one meter length or one drawer.

For a period of about three weeks, the Trichogramma micro-insects will emerge from slits at the sides of the cards. Then they will start searching for moth eggs immediately.

About two weeks later you will receive new cards. You have to replace the old cards with the new ones.

Our small predators are very sensitive:
  • Do not open the cards, apply pressure on them or squeeze the cards.

There is no need to feed the Trichogramma insects because they only eat moth eggs.

To ensure that the application is successful, you have to use the cards with the Trichogramma insects over a period of 16 weeks. You will receive 8 deliveries at intervals of about 2 weeks. This is because 16 weeks is the total life cycle of the moths, from hatching to death of the flying adult moths.

If you want to make sure that the Trichogramma insect emerge from the cards, you can carefully place a drinking glass upside down over a card. After 1-3 days, you will see the tiny Trichogramma insects inside the glass looking for an exit. Do not forget to free the Trichogramma insects immediately into the wardrobe!

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