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AMW - Who are we?

AMW is a company that specializes in the field of micro-insect production (Trichogramma), especially for plant protection and against pests such as pantry moths and clothes moths.

Founded in 1998, AMW was initially dedicated to the protection of maize from pests. Then the efficiency of Trichogramma against pantry moths has been scientifically demonstrated. This allowed AMW to expand quickly and gain a high reputation even across the borders of Germany. Today sales figures in the private sector amount to over 10,000 packs per year.

The method of eliminating moths with their natural enemies was discovered about 30 years ago. AMW´s scientists are constantly involved in research in order to find new methods in biological plant protection.


Besides the anti pantry moths and anti clothes moths products which are used throughout the European Union, AMW studied several varieties of the micro-insects Trichogramma for use in the food industries, agriculture and agro-food industry. And have also created products for the use in homes especially against moths.

The CEO of AMW, Dr. Bernd Wührer, is a biologist and a founder of AMW. He is an expert and author of numerous scientific publications in the field of beneficial micro-insects, micro-wasps and the pests they attack.

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Pantry Moths

Pantry Moths
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