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Clothes moths: Have you tried everything to get rid of these annoying pests?

With the Trichogramma insects you can get rid of the clothes moth once and for all.

Mite textiles

How does it work?
Trichogramma evanescens: These extremely small natural enemies of moths destroy the eggs of clothes moths, so no new moth generation can develop. After two to three weeks the Trichogramma insects will also die and decompose into dust. No side effects at all.

How many packs do I need?
Each delivery contains 4 cards. You will receive a total of 6 deliveries at intervals of about 3 weeks for an order of 1 pack. This is necessary because the moths have a much longer life cycle than the Trichogramma insects. The price for 1 pack includes all 6 deliveries. These will be sent to you automatically.
Once you place the cards into your closet shelves, the Trichogramma insects will emerge from the cards and search for and attack the eggs of moths.

It is very important to put the cards in the immediate vicinity of the fabrics, either in the closet or next to or on the carpets and upholstered furniture.

Place the four cards of a pack inside a wardrobe of about 3 feet width and 8 feet height. For very large bedrooms, if you have several chests of drawers with wool clothing or several cabinets you should use two or more packs.
If a carpet is infested one card can treat an area of about 16 square feet. Therefore, one pack is sufficient for 64 square feet of carpets. Either place the cards on the carpet itself or under the edges of the carpet with the thick part of the card sticking out.

For furniture, attach one card per chair, for example to the underside of the chair. Especially attractive for moths is furniture with natural fillings such as horsehair.

The Trichogramma insects are the natural enemies of the moths and are, therefore, the most effective way to eradicate these pests.

The micro-insect Trichogramma evanescens (a special type of beneficial wasp which only attacks moth eggs) is so small you almost cannot detect it. It lays its eggs inside the eggs of the clothes moths, thereby destroying them. When all the eggs of clothes moths have been found, the Trichogramma insects will also disappear - either they fly out of the window or they will die and decompose to microscopic dust particles.

The advantages:

  • effective against clothes moths and other moth species,
  • a natural and hygienic control method, completely safe for humans,
  • destroys the moths without residues.


Trichogramma insects usually do not fly. They are extremely small and almost invisible (about the size of an apostrophe: '). For example, the weight of 1000 Trichogramma insects is only 0,002 grams. Trichogramma insects are smaller than the eggs of the clothes moth in which they lay their eggs and which they use it as their food.
Eight to ten days after moth eggs have been attacked, new Trichogramma insects will emerge from the moth eggs and search for other eggs of pantry moths until these are completely eliminated.

A pack of ANTI PANTRY MOTHS includes six shipments which you will receive by mail in intervals of 3 weeks. Each padded envelop of a shipment contains 4 Trichogramma cards. The total treatment period of 18 weeks corresponds to the longest possible life span and reproduction cycle of the clothes moths.

After the treatment is completed the clothes moths will be eradicated. In rare cases it is difficult for the Trichogramma insects to find all moth eggs, for example if clothes with very dense fibres are infested such as thick angora or mohair sweaters. Such garments should be put into plastic bags and placed inside a freezer for 48 hours. The cold temperature will kill any moth eggs or larvae.

Important notice:

The Trichogramma insect: Smaller than a pinhead.
Smaller than an apostrophe: '

You will not notice the minute Trichogramma insects. They are completely harmless for humans and only attack moth eggs. They usually do not fly (although they could) and prefer to walk when searching for the eggs of the clothes moths.

  • You will not be affected in any way because these beneficial insects only attack moth eggs.
  • Clothes moths will disappear completely.
  • The Trichogramma insects will die off or fly away as soon as there are no more moth eggs left.
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