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ANTI PANTRY MOTHS controls all pantry moths, food moths and meal moths.

The effective way to eradicate food moths with 100% success*. The indicated price includes 4 deliveries. This is necessary because the moths live longer than the Trichogramma insects - you will get 4 times a new army of Trichogramma to fight the moths.

How many packs do I need?

mite alimentaire 
Photo: food moth

Inside the cards ANTI PANTRY MOTHS are the tiny micro-insects called Trichogramma evanescens. Once you place these cards in your kitchen cabinets and shelves, the Trichogramma insects search for the eggs of the pantry moths to destroy them.

Each delivery contains 4 cards. You will receive a total of four deliveries at intervals of about 2 weeks. All four shipments are included in one order of ANTI PANTRY MOTHS and will be sent to you automatically.

It is very important to put the cards very close to the dry food, either in the kitchen, pantry or the basement where you store your supplies.

For a normal-sized kitchen, it is sufficient to put the four cards on shelves with dry food, spices, tea and coffee. Do not place the cards inside cabinets or compartments where you keep only dishes and kitchen utensils. (The moths lay their eggs only close to dry food - even if it is in a plastic wrap).

Any other places where you store dry food?

Living room: cookies, chips, chocolate, coffee, tea?

Do you have dried flowers? Decorations made of straw? A bird or hamster cage, bird seeds or dry pet food?


A pack of ANTI PANTRY MOTHS contains 4 cards. In the places described above you must place at least 1 card, in animal cages even 2 or more. Therefore you may need to order more than one pack.

If you have a larger kitchen, or both a kitchen and a pantry, you need two packs of ANTI PANTRY MOTHS.

Trichogramma insects are the most effective way to get rid of the pantry moths because they are the natural enemies of moths.

The micro-insect Trichogramma evanescens (a type of wasp) is so small you almost cannot detect it. It lays its eggs inside the eggs of the food moth and destroys them. When all the eggs of pantry moths have been eliminated the Trichogramma insects will also disappear - either they fly out of the building or they will die and decompose to microscopic dust particles.

The advantages of the treatment with Trichogramma insects:

Very effective against pantry moths and other moth species

A natural and hygienic method to fight food moths - barely visible to the naked eye

Destroys the moth eggs so no more moths generations will develop

Trichogramma insects rarely fly. They are extremely small, almost invisible (about the size of an apostrophe: '). For example, the weight of 1000 Trichogramma insects is only 0.002 grams. They are smaller than the egg of the moth food, into which they lay their own eggs.
Eight to ten days after the moth eggs are attacked new Trichogramma insects will hatch and search for and destroy other eggs of the pantry moths - thus eliminating them one by one until all eggs of the pantry moths have disappeared. A pack ANTI PANTRY MOTHS includes four shipments of Trichogramma cards to be used over a period of 9 weeks. This corresponds to the length of the longest possible life span and reproduction cycle of the pantry moths. After this treatment, you will have got rid of your food moths. Important note:

The Trichogramma insect: Smaller than a pinhead
Smaller than an apostrophe: '

The micro-insects Trichogramma definitely will not disturb you in any way: they are completely harmless, they rarely fly (although they could). Instead, they prefer to walk when searching for the eggs of the pantry moths.
o You will not be disturbed
o Pantry moths will disappear completely
o The Trichogramma insects will die or fly away as soon as they cannot find any more eggs of the food moth.


Instructions for food moths

* 100% eradication of pantry moths in private homes if properly used. After the treatment with Trichogramma insects take care not to get re-infested (e.g. by buying the same "contaminated" products). All food items should be checked immediately after purchasing them.
For commercial companies, food producers and manufacturers a continuous use of Trichogramma insects is recommended. Because of the high risk of re-infestation through food deliveries a 100% success is therefore not possible in the commercial sector.

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